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This event is a charity fundraiser for inner city youth and black lives education programs.

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from www.cancer.gov

Cannabis has become accepted world wide as treatment for life threatening ailments (cancer, epilepsy) and common ailments that plague the human condition (sleeplessness, anxiety, motion sickness, pain).  According to studies on the US Government website www.cancer.gov “Cannabinoids may cause antitumor effects by … induction of cell death, inhibition of cell growth…  Cannabinoids appear to kill tumor cells.…”1. 

With this knowledge in mind, consumers are seeking reliable sources for cannabis products. 

Quotes from Our Survey

"I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I chose not to do chemo and took cannabis tinctures and my cancer went away in 6 months"

"I was diagnosed with colon cancer.  I chose not to do chemo and i took tinctures my friend gave me.  After 4 months, 5 of the seven tumors were gone.  Of the two left one was so microscopic they could barely see it and the other was almost gone as well.  The doctors couldn't believe it."

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Quotes from Our Survey

"I used to take Vicodin for pain several times a day and nite.  I did not like the way Vicodin made me feel and it made my stomache hurt.  I started taking CBD, THC and THCa tinctures and I was able to get off the Vicodin completely.  When I first told my doctor I was trying it she ignored me.  When i came in three months later and did not buy any pain pills from her, she was surprised and couldn't believe it.  Now she listens when I talk about cannabinoids."

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How Cannabinoids help

Well, from what we have read on the US Government website about Cannabis is that it appears to detect an enzyme release by cancerous cells and it attacks and kills those cancerous cells releasing that enzyme. 

Normal, healthy cells do not release this enzyme so the cannabinoids  leaves those healthy cells alone.  it is in this manner that cannabinoids detect and kill cancerous cells without harming the natural healthy cells around them. 



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